Optimize the tag title, description, keywords

Оптимизируем тег title, description, keywords

Internal site optimization includes a range of measures, but is determined among them are correctly filled tags and meta tags. Site visitor does not see them, because they are created for the search engines and have a significant impact on the ranking algorithms. If you do not pay enough attention to these important components, the promoted website or blog may not be ranked in the search results.

Tag title

It is this tag is one of the basic and defining, as it reflects the essence of the page. Without it, the search engines generally can not determine what tells a particular content. If you ignore it and do not fill in, then immediately there are many problems associated with the promotion page. In the tag should be the main keywords. At the same time should not be abused by their number, as this may adversely affect the positions in the search results. Therefore, the content title should be concise, clear and optimal.

It appears in the header of the search result. But lately there has been a trend in the same Yandex not specify the content of the tag title, if it does not fully match your query. Stead search engine can deliver content header h1 or h2 tags and even the content of strong or em. Sometimes it happens that the system simply takes the right combination of words from the text and displays it in the search result.

This proves once again that the content of title should be formed as soon as possible relevant to those keywords, which moves page content. However, not all consider and provide so headings and subheadings should complement, not replace, the main tag. All this combined necessarily have a positive impact on the rankings, but a snippet will look as clear and attractive.

The term is sometimes used for a snippet of short extracts of text found by the search engine page of the site is used as a description of a link in the search results. As a rule, they contain the context in which he met the keyword in the text on the page. As well as snippets of text can be displayed meta tag «Description». Wikipedia

It is also necessary to remember that the content of title tag should be unique for each page. The same sets of words are glued together by search engines, which creates serious problems in promoting resource.

Google is not very loyal to the content length of the tag title. When this length is not measured letters and pixels. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the number of such «broad» letters as a «w», «z». But more efficient and effective is brevity. After all, it is considered to be the soul of wit.

And do not forget that the snippet is created not only for robots, but also for the living. Therefore, you should pay attention to its attractiveness. Looking at him, one must immediately understand that it is on this page, and it will receive all the necessary information. And as little as possible, use the Autofill tag, which is present in many CMS. The system can never replace human intelligence and generate high-quality title, that he was interested and attracted people. With this, perhaps, no one will argue.

Meta tag description

This meta tag is for a brief description of the page. In the search results, he is under the tag title, but not always. Google loves his point, but Yandex usually pulls out a text fragment with the keyword of the content. However, in any case, description must correctly fill. Its length should be 150-200 characters without spaces with the mandatory inclusion in the text of the keyword. In the search results, it is always highlighted in bold.

It should also be borne in mind that the description meta tag on the ranking of the content has no effect. The only exceptions are those resources that are based on Flash, and sites, pages that consist of only one image. In such cases, search engines take it as a basis for the content of this meta tag.

So, to sum up: in the description it is necessary to include the keywords that it was relevant content. The text itself should briefly reflect the content of the page. Its length should not exceed 200 characters, as the longer text is displayed fully in the search results. Words that carry the basic meaning, should be put closer to the beginning of the phrase. Meta tag should not coincide with the tag title, but the coincidence of the content allowed and do not harm the ranking algorithm.

Meta tag keywords

In this meta tag separated by commas include the main keywords in the content available. Ranking algorithm does not take into account, but fill it still necessary, although many webmasters ignore keywords. When filling is not necessary to abuse of keywords. It is enough 5 or 7 words, but each of them should reflect the essence of the text. But an excessive amount or irrelevant words can be perceived as spam by search engines, which will adversely affect progress.

Thus, the meta tags description, keywords and title tag are very important elements of the page. They influence the ranking of resources and the number of visitors. Their content should always be unique and unique for each page and reflect the essence of the main content. Under these rules the site will be extremely attractive to look in the «eyes» of search engines.

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