What should be the site usability

Юзабилити сайта

Usability is derived from the English word «usability», which means: convenience, comfort, advantage.

With reference to the World Wide Web, this implies psychologically and aesthetically convenient interaction software with Internet users. That is the person, once on some resource, should fully enjoy its simplicity, friendliness and functionality.

This shows that the usability of the site is very important. Any visitor, a page of resources, quickly scans it, wasting no more than 8-10 seconds. If the look and navigation of it than do not suit you, then he immediately goes away (Seo optimization strategy).

The main disadvantages that affect the usability:

— The page is loaded for a long time — if the page loading is performed more than 8 seconds, 85% of users go to other resources;
— Low quality content — it is a copy-paste or poorly written nonliterary language;
— Ill-conceived design — people do not come to the site to admire the design and obtain information, but if the text on the page merges with the general background, the colors of the unpleasant hurt the eyes, then it will not add to traffic;
— Bad and confusing navigation — it is one of the main reasons that discourages visitors;
— A large number of advertising — advertising overloaded resource blocks many users cause irritation.

What should be the site usability

Visitors fundamental importance attached to navigate. People are attracted sharpness and clarity. One must know where he can get to the page on which there is, and if he can once again return to seamlessly interest to him, content, view other sections of the resource.

By creating your Internet project, it is necessary to provide a site map and place it links to all pages. This kindly include not only visitors but also the search engines.

All pages should be made the same way. This underlines the thematic unity of the project and its integrity. It is desirable that the CSS file was alone. This will provide the ability to quickly make changes to the design, if such actions will be needed in the future.

When placing the graphic elements should always fill a parameter called alt. Some users disable in your browser settings display images, so they see empty rectangles instead of drawings. But when alt is full, people can read a description and an overview of the graphic image or photograph.

If the picture has a fixed size, then it is necessary to prescribe the height and width to browsers immediately focused on the options you want. If the picture is marked as a percentage, which is important when «rubber» layout, in this case, no fixed values are not required.

Considerable importance is attached to the flowers. The site should not be bright and contrasting colors, as well as dull and faded. And so you need to carefully consider the colors, so as not to scare away visitors. And no need to abuse of shades. In principle, the fewer the better.

It is very important to choose the right font. Currently, Google recommends fonts make as large as possible, taking into account mobile devices. That is the minimum height of the letters should match 17-18 pixels. But here we must take into account the specifics of fonts. The same font Verdana 18 px much larger font Times New Roman, with the same 18 px. Therefore, the approach should be differentiated. In case of doubt, we can estimate the selected fonts in Google webmaster.

Paragraphs in the text it is necessary to separate the empty string. In this case, the content is better absorbed because they do not merge into one continuous column. The maximum number of lines in a paragraph should not exceed 9. This will further facilitate the assimilation of the material and attract additional visitors.

References in the content should be visible on the general background of the text. They can be executed in italics, underline or other designated color. Attractions in the text, it is desirable to limit the strong tag or em. But to emphasize they are not recommended, as the user can accept such a dedicated place for the link. (Optimize the tag title, description, keywords)

At the end of the header h1, h2, h3, and so on. D. Never put a point. The text should not be glaring grammatical and syntactical errors. These mistakes cause rejection in serious users, and in fact they are in the ground and shape public opinion about the site.

Face of any resource is the main page. Link to it must be present on all pages. Visitors hitting a resource on some request, very often want to move it to the main page, showing the basic information. Therefore, the main page you must correctly execute and point to it all the sections and the main themes.

Thus, in general, looks site usability. Following the above-stated tips can make your life more attractive and interesting for visitors. But whatever the beautiful design, and as it did not look nice links, mostly still is quality content. People primarily attracts useful and interesting information, but everything else is at a much lower positions. Do not forget about it, creating your Internet project.

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