Seo optimization strategy

strategy seo

Search engine optimization. Planning strategy.

Carry out search engine optimization is becoming increasingly difficult. Not because the methods have become more difficult than in the recent past (although in a sense they have really become more complicated — in fact previously used methods do not work anymore), but because in this field sharply escalated competition.

As more and more people learn about SEO, more and more of your competitors better and better handle the job of search engine optimization is becoming increasingly difficult to compete for a position on the first page of search results. Few know about generating traffic through search engines, it is sometimes difficult to see the wood for the trees. As you learn more, there are strategies to optimize pages and links, methods to include pages in the indexes and directories, how to use the electronic press releases and blogs etc. Before going into the details, it is necessary to consider the overall picture (to be prestavlenie about how it all works together) and help you decide what you should do and when (so that you can plan your strategy). In the next few articles I will talk about how in general need to build a campaign to work with search engines.

Many do not always mean better

By the way, if you are working with a large team dedicated to web design, besides having a serious programming experience, do not think that the participants understand something in the search engines. In fact, sometimes the higher the qualifications of staff project teams, the higher the probability of creating a site that simply can not «cooperate» with the search engines. I want to assure you that the big teams with highly qualified specialists often know as little about SEO, as well as freelance web designers who do this for a few months.

Until we meet again.

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