Removing the filter AGS Yandex

Removing the filter AGS

Well, that starred filter AGS from my site. Cool. As I wrote earlier in the article «Closing the external links from indexing», ACS has been found and the first steps to eliminate it were adopted on 20 March 2014. Today, May 24, 2014 year, after today’s update of Yandex, found that the filter removed.

That is, if we find the reasons for which the filter was applied, then a few steps, you can get rid of it.

What did I do to AGS filter was removed?

Just three steps:

1. Search reasons AGS. In my case, the reason was the usual — bad external links and the lack of good inbound links.

2. Closure of external links from this website. Took advantage of a plug-in for WordPress WP No External Links, and closed from indexation is all external links from your site.

3. Has bought about 20 good options SeoPult.

Result on the face. I am very glad and.

Write about their observations and methods of getting rid of the ACS filter Yandex in the comments.

Have a nice day.

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