Internal linking site

Internal linking site

What is internal linking site?

This notation of the links within the resource between pages. Such action as is done for the convenience of visitors, and the transmission of the «weight» of the page. That is, once caught two hares in spite of Russian proverb, which says the opposite.

What do we mean by «weight» of the page?

This is an estimate of its importance in the eyes of search engines. The more pages from other goes to her links, the more solid and meaningful looks this content and, therefore, increases its relevance.

You must use not just the number of links, and links to relevant anchors, which contain keywords. It is best if each anchor will be unique, as the repetition of the same phrase can pass the threshold of gluing.

Internal linking site improves its search engine indexing robots. They go directly to the site and quickly find new content. If the page is isolated, that is, it leads to, say, only one link, its indexing difficult.

It is equally important to limit the nesting level of the two, maximum three transitions. That is, a visitor, hitting the home page, making no more than 3 clicks. If there will be 4, 5, and more clicks, the crawler can not get to that content. And if you will reach, it will be on this page is very rare visitor that will negatively affect the re-indexing.

Now we understand why we need internal linking site, and you can talk about how to form itself referential structure. Let’s start with the home page, which is usually optimized for high request. It was collected by the «weight» of all the pages. From the main page is best put down links to pages 2 levels, and with them on page 3 levels. With 3-level links should go to the main page, and not on the 2nd level.

If optimize your homepage for mid-range requests (this happens if there are no high-frequency queries), then from the main page should move to level 2, but not vice versa, and from level 2 to 3 and back again. Low-frequency same queries are moving without any tricks. And here we must be aware that relinking is a free way to accelerating access to higher positions.

It is particularly important when search engines change their ranking algorithms. Well-written internal reference weight in most cases makes a site from the slide extradition. That is, the resource remains in high positions, while other sites are «lost» on the 40 and 50 positions.

So, the best way to internal linking site is as follows: from the home page links to put on 2 level, but not vice versa. With 2 levels of nesting to put on 3 levels, but again, not back. Page 3 levels need to relink each other. It should be noted that this method is best suited for those resources that are promoted by low-frequency queries.

In general, it should be noted that the reference should always be made if the text referred to any other term of the page. An example is Wikipedia. Of course, you should not copy it completely, as this academic work. It such references are required. But we must always bear in mind the convenience of the visitors and to facilitate their travel as much as possible on the site. In any case, search engines such scruples will be noticed, and resource, respectively, will begin to rise in the SERP.

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