Site Indexing. Presentation site for indexing

Presentation site for indexing

So, dear webmaster, your page ready, but you have not solved the problems with their indexing. Your pages, roughly speaking, just not in the search engines! How to solve this problem?

In catalogs Yandex, Yahoo! and Open Directory Project can register directly. Process of submitting site to search engines Google, MSN / Bing,, Yandex, not much more time-consuming and complex.

The best way to get ranked in search engines — get them to find pages on the links pointing to the site. In some cases, you can «ask» the search engines come to your site and take it to the index page, but there are two main problems.

1. If you «ask» the search engines to index your site, they most likely will not do. In addition, until the moment when they are still «come» to your site and index it may take several weeks or months. Appeal to them to come to your site — an unreliable method.

2. If you decide to pay the search engines for indexing your site will have to pay for each URL, which you want to submit. But first you need to create something that is worth paying.

If you want to submit your site to search engines for indexing, read the article on my website, where are all the information required for the submission of your site.

But as yet to achieve site indexing by search engines? The good news is that to get into the indices of some of the search engines can be very fast. This is not to mean a full-scale campaign of linking to the site. All the advantages of this method I will describe later. Now you just want to search engines such as Google, Yandex, Rambler and, have included your web pages in their indexes.

A good way to do this — posting links to your site on other already indexed websites. Contact with friends, colleagues and relatives who already have websites, and ask them to link to your site. Nowadays, many people are online diaries (blogs), and even on his page on the social network, they can mark the link. Of course, it is desirable to have their websites (blogs, pages) have been indexed by search engines. Then search bots on the links to quickly «come» to your site.

When you ask your friends, colleagues and relatives to place links, specify what should be the link text. Just the name of the company or «click here» — bad options. In the text references should be keywords. Something like «Visit this site if you’re interested in creating websites, search engine optimization website promotion, search engine optimization services op.» Placing keywords in links — a good way to tell the search engine, which is dedicated to the site.

By the way, it is recommended to use simple symbols in reference texts; for example, instead of a long or short dashes — one hyphen.

Once on the other sites will link to yours, may take from several days to several weeks before he gets into the search engines. As for Google, then, if you place one of the sites link shortly before his next indexing search robot Google, can get into the index for a few days. I once posted a few pages on the web client on Tuesday and found them in the results of Google (Highest Rated) on Friday. But in general, the site can get in Google’s index only a few weeks. The best way to increase the chances of a rapid inclusion of a site in search engine indexes — to get as many references to it on many sites.

You should also create a XML-sitemap, submit it to Google and Yandex and add a line in the file robots.txt, which points to a map of the site to search engines (eg, which are not themselves able to create such a card could still find her.

Thank you for your attention.

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