How to use keywords

How to use keywords

Using a larger number of keywords.

Lack of text pages — the problem is serious. Some sites do not focus on the content; sometimes this approach is quite effective in terms of design and usability (usability). But search engines focus on content — ie the text that they can read. In general, the larger the text — to choose the right keywords — the better.

How to use keywords.

Assume that the site has a text, and its a lot. But whether the text correctly chosen keywords? Whether they were identified using the Keyword Tool (ie through technology Google AdWords or Yandex Wordstat)? These tools should be used carefully.

Where exactly keywords located on the page and it is formatted as a — all this also has a great importance. Search engines take into account the location and how to format individual words and thereby determine how important they are. Here are some simple techniques that you can use. Just do not overdo it!

1. Use your keywords in the folder and file names, and file pages and image files.

2. Use your keywords in the top of the page.

3. Put keywords in the tags (i.e. titles).

4. Highlight keywords bold and italic; search engines «will take note of it».

5. Include your keywords in bulleted lists; searchers also «take note of it.»

6. Use keywords several times on the page, but at the same time do not use a key word or phrase too often. If your page because of the excessive number of keywords will be uncomfortable for the perception of visitors, then you overdid it.

Make sure that the links that lead from one site to other pages also contain keywords. Think about all the websites that visited recently. How many of them were used links that do not contain the keyword? In reference used buttons, graphical navigation bars, short links, the meaning of which the visitor has to guess, references such as «click here», etc. All this — serious mistakes.

Some developers assume that the site should never be used with text links such as «click here» because it sounds silly, and visitors already know what is expected of them click on the link. I do not agree.

Studies also show that by using such words sometimes can increase the number of clicks on a particular link. However, pursuing objective optimization for search engines, should rarely (if ever) use a link containing only the words «click here». In reference must include keywords.

Again : creating links , include keywords in them wherever possible. For example , a site dedicated to search engine optimization if you want to point to the » Tools for keyword selection » , do not create a link with the text type » to choose the right keywords , click here.» Add a link to a few key words to better explain the search engine , which devoted a page to which the link points . For example, the link text would be: » To find the right keywords , please visit «Tools for keyword selection«.

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