How to get to the TOP site

How to get to the site TOP

Sometimes it happens that the site is moving a few months, but can not achieve high rankings in the search results. Hence the low number of visitors, and, respectively, and a small profit. This happens usually due to a wide variety of design errors.

Here it should be noted at once that you can get in the top only with proper content optimization. If it is insufficient or on the contrary, the excess, then requests for competitive break even at the 20th position is very difficult.

The main attention should be paid to the proper selection of keywords (Keyword selection). And for that you must correctly generate semantic core. If a commercial site, then the request should be commercial rather than information.

Yandex search engine focused primarily on the information. Man must find an answer to the question that he cares, but are not familiar with the proposals for the implementation of a variety of goods and services. Commercial same query is formed otherwise. And if the resource that you sell, it will be at the lowest position in the information extradition.

It is very difficult to get in the top, if the landing page are the keywords of different types. Here it is necessary to adhere to the iron rule, which states that one page should always be optimized under one keyword. If, for example, a site dedicated to the construction category, the keywords «parquet» and «laminate» should move to different pages, rather than one. Otherwise, both the query will not appear in the first position.

To promote your site is very important reference weight. But not the number of links and their quality. «Weight» one resource may correspond to the «weight» of 20 or more sites. It is also very bad if missing links that have long led the resource. This is regarded by the search engines as a big minus and has an appreciable effect on the site in the search results.

It is necessary to carefully check the pages of your site to any of them did not show the error 404. This is a resource with a lot of pages. The response of the server must match the 200 OK. Only in this case the search engine spiders index the pages and to determine their place in the SERP.

It should also be borne in mind that search engines consider a URL with www and without it as a totally different sites. This point is very important when purchasing a reference oil on SeoPult (I use it) or Webeffector. That is, moving from page www, and Yandex considers the main mirror page without www. Consequently, it will be left without a reference weight. Therefore, in the robots.txt file must necessarily indicate the main mirror and focus on this already.

Get in the top prevents duplication of pages. Here everything depends on the engines CMS. They are able to generate the exact same pages with different URL. The cause of copies may be very different. But the most widespread — the wrong configuration of the system. To find a copy, you should use any special tools or search in Google and Yandex. Doubles should stick together, putting 301 redirect all copies found on the corresponding page of the resource.

Thus, we can conclude that the most important thing — optimized and quality content. If not, then do not help any reference weight. Ranking algorithms of search engines are intended to in the first positions were only useful resources. And for this we need to write interesting articles and do not forget about keywords. But you can not abuse them in any case.

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