Fischer launder money. Be vigilant

Fischer launder money

At the heart of phishing is the desire for easy money. Attacks scam is exposed to various financial institutions. But their goal is not only to steal accounts and passwords. The main task is associated with bank money transfer services. Reputable companies to help customers transfer money to various bank accounts. Therefore it is difficult to imagine that fishers abandon their activities as long as there are all the conditions for its successful implementation.

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How did fishers launder money?

For this kind of operation they hire outsiders, and find them, sending a letter or giving ads on sites on employment. Such wage earners must have had an account in the bank, which the fraudsters managed to successfully attack. On it and transfer money to bank with stolen passwords schёtov.

Member of the fishing groups reported that the flow will be, for example, today. So you need to go to the bank and cash the entire amount. Wage earners with her due from 3 to 10%. He receives cash, and then transfers them to the credit card or the name of a person living in another country.

In this case, the scammers carefully monitor every stage of the transfer of money. They retain information about the time of all transfers require a copy of the forms of receiving and sending. Thus, they regulate the actions of the employee, and he believes that working on a solid company that is accountable for every penny.

In most cases, the hired worker is unaware of the true purpose of their actions. It’s just an innocent victim, coveted easy earnings. Nevertheless, such a person should be liable under the law. But the police do not arrest these individuals, and use them as a source of information. Over time, a complete picture emerges of how fishers launder money.

The role of the hired employee can take over and an employee of a financial institution. Such people sometimes do bind to scammers and request a certain reward for information that reveals the mechanisms for unobtrusive laundering large sums of money. A sum of these can be estimated several million dollars.

It happens that the employee begins to suspect the true underlying reason of their activities. In this case, most of the quick-witted guys not in a hurry to escape the police. They are demanding an increase in their interest and continue to work on the phishers. All this creates a fertile ground for fraud. They shoot huge amounts from foreign accounts and translate them into their own. It’s an ordinary robbery. Only in this way before stealing cash on the streets and robbed banks with a gun in his hand, and now everything is more civilized. Fortunately, the Internet has given ample opportunities for this.

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