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How to improve the behavioral factors

How to improve the behavioral factors

Why do people leave the site

Too many web resources are losing a good portion of the audience because of the seemingly not too serious flaws in its pages. In this case, the sharp departure from the site user (low behavioral factor) is dangerous for several reasons.

Firstly, too short residence time user on a particular resource does not allow him to get acquainted with ads placed on pages of this project, and hence profit site owner will not receive.

Secondly, search engines using a variety of methods monitor the behavior of users, and actions such as watching too few pages or very short stay in the resource are recognized as proof of the futility of this very site. As a result of adverse behavioral factors may cause relegation web project of the top of search results.

But what exactly defects cause users to leave the website? In fact, the factors that cause irritation of the visitors can be quite a lot, and the main one has to know every webmaster.

Problems with the interaction of mobile devices. Now a lot of Internet users surf the Internet via mobile devices. And the number of such users will only grow. That’s why every owner of the web resource should make sure that his website correctly interact with mobile browsers. Ignore User gadgets silly, because this way you can lose a significant part of the traffic.
Unoptimized registration form. In general, the need to register on the website discourages good portion of its visitors. But if the registration is still needed, its shape must be optimized. Simply put, there are a few rules to make the process less painful for registration spoiled user.
Firstly, do not require the user to fill in too many fields. Second, the error committed by the visitor during the filling of various forms need to tell simple layman understandable ways. In other words, the language set in the user, and the most simple formulation.
Low-quality content. If the webmaster is trying to save on buying content for your project, it should be ready for the fact that the quality of these materials will scare visitors. Illiterate, plohochitaemye texts, with a curved formatting annoy most users, forcing them to seek more competent sources of information.
Low-quality web design. Too dull or, conversely, lurid web design is easy to scare away a considerable number of visitors. Firstly, the aesthetic component is not the last value.

Юзабилити сайта

What should be the site usability

Usability is derived from the English word «usability», which means: convenience, comfort, advantage.

With reference to the World Wide Web, this implies psychologically and aesthetically convenient interaction software with Internet users. That is the person, once on some resource, should fully enjoy its simplicity, friendliness and functionality.

This shows that the usability of the site is very important. Any visitor, a page of resources, quickly scans it, wasting no more than 8-10 seconds. If the look and navigation of it than do not suit you, then he immediately goes away (Seo optimization strategy).

The main disadvantages that affect the usability:

— The page is loaded for a long time — if the page loading is performed more than 8 seconds, 85% of users go to other resources;
— Low quality content — it is a copy-paste or poorly written nonliterary language;
— Ill-conceived design — people do not come to the site to admire the design and obtain information, but if the text on the page merges with the general background, the colors of the unpleasant hurt the eyes, then it will not add to traffic;
— Bad and confusing navigation — it is one of the main reasons that discourages visitors;
— A large number of advertising — advertising overloaded resource blocks many users cause irritation.

What should be the site usability

Visitors fundamental importance attached to navigate. People are attracted sharpness and clarity. One must know where he can get to the page on which there is, and if he can once again return to seamlessly interest to him, content, view other sections of the resource.

By creating your Internet project, it is necessary to provide a site map and place it links to all pages. This kindly include not only visitors but also the search engines.

All pages should be made the same way. This underlines the thematic unity of the project and its integrity. It is desirable that the CSS file was alone. This will provide the ability to quickly make changes to the design, if such actions will be needed in the future.

When placing the graphic elements should always fill a parameter called alt. Some users disable in your browser settings display images, so they see empty rectangles instead of drawings. But when alt is full, people can read a description and an overview of the graphic image or photograph.

Оптимизируем тег title, description, keywords

Optimize the tag title, description, keywords

Internal site optimization includes a range of measures, but is determined among them are correctly filled tags and meta tags. Site visitor does not see them, because they are created for the search engines and have a significant impact on the ranking algorithms. If you do not pay enough attention to these important components, the promoted website or blog may not be ranked in the search results.

Tag title

It is this tag is one of the basic and defining, as it reflects the essence of the page. Without it, the search engines generally can not determine what tells a particular content. If you ignore it and do not fill in, then immediately there are many problems associated with the promotion page. In the tag should be the main keywords. At the same time should not be abused by their number, as this may adversely affect the positions in the search results. Therefore, the content title should be concise, clear and optimal.

It appears in the header of the search result. But lately there has been a trend in the same Yandex not specify the content of the tag title, if it does not fully match your query. Stead search engine can deliver content header h1 or h2 tags and even the content of strong or em. Sometimes it happens that the system simply takes the right combination of words from the text and displays it in the search result.

This proves once again that the content of title should be formed as soon as possible relevant to those keywords, which moves page content. However, not all consider and provide so headings and subheadings should complement, not replace, the main tag. All this combined necessarily have a positive impact on the rankings, but a snippet will look as clear and attractive.

The term is sometimes used for a snippet of short extracts of text found by the search engine page of the site is used as a description of a link in the search results. As a rule, they contain the context in which he met the keyword in the text on the page. As well as snippets of text can be displayed meta tag «Description». Wikipedia

It is also necessary to remember that the content of title tag should be unique for each page. The same sets of words are glued together by search engines, which creates serious problems in promoting resource.

Google is not very loyal to the content length of the tag title. When this length is not measured letters and pixels.

How to get to the site TOP

How to get to the TOP site

Sometimes it happens that the site is moving a few months, but can not achieve high rankings in the search results. Hence the low number of visitors, and, respectively, and a small profit. This happens usually due to a wide variety of design errors.

Here it should be noted at once that you can get in the top only with proper content optimization. If it is insufficient or on the contrary, the excess, then requests for competitive break even at the 20th position is very difficult.

The main attention should be paid to the proper selection of keywords (Keyword selection). And for that you must correctly generate semantic core. If a commercial site, then the request should be commercial rather than information.

Yandex search engine focused primarily on the information. Man must find an answer to the question that he cares, but are not familiar with the proposals for the implementation of a variety of goods and services. Commercial same query is formed otherwise. And if the resource that you sell, it will be at the lowest position in the information extradition.

It is very difficult to get in the top, if the landing page are the keywords of different types. Here it is necessary to adhere to the iron rule, which states that one page should always be optimized under one keyword. If, for example, a site dedicated to the construction category, the keywords «parquet» and «laminate» should move to different pages, rather than one. Otherwise, both the query will not appear in the first position.

To promote your site is very important reference weight. But not the number of links and their quality. «Weight» one resource may correspond to the «weight» of 20 or more sites. It is also very bad if missing links that have long led the resource. This is regarded by the search engines as a big minus and has an appreciable effect on the site in the search results.

Internal linking site

Internal linking site

What is internal linking site?

This notation of the links within the resource between pages. Such action as is done for the convenience of visitors, and the transmission of the «weight» of the page. That is, once caught two hares in spite of Russian proverb, which says the opposite.

What do we mean by «weight» of the page?

This is an estimate of its importance in the eyes of search engines. The more pages from other goes to her links, the more solid and meaningful looks this content and, therefore, increases its relevance.

You must use not just the number of links, and links to relevant anchors, which contain keywords. It is best if each anchor will be unique, as the repetition of the same phrase can pass the threshold of gluing.

Internal linking site improves its search engine indexing robots. They go directly to the site and quickly find new content. If the page is isolated, that is, it leads to, say, only one link, its indexing difficult.

It is equally important to limit the nesting level of the two, maximum three transitions. That is, a visitor, hitting the home page, making no more than 3 clicks. If there will be 4, 5, and more clicks, the crawler can not get to that content. And if you will reach, it will be on this page is very rare visitor that will negatively affect the re-indexing.

Now we understand why we need internal linking site, and you can talk about how to form itself referential structure. Let’s start with the home page, which is usually optimized for high request. It was collected by the «weight» of all the pages. From the main page is best put down links to pages 2 levels, and with them on page 3 levels. With 3-level links should go to the main page, and not on the 2nd level.

Linkbeyting as improving search results

Linkbeyting as improving search results

What is linkbeyting? This is when the owners of units or sites voluntarily put links to some resources. At the same time acquired a tangible reference weight. It helps to improve the resource in the SERP and increases TIC and PR. This type of obtaining links can not be considered a major, but is an excellent addition to the general promotion strategy.

So that webmasters or users of a desire to refer to any site, there are several proven ways. One of the most effective — to place on the resource sensational article. But it must contain interesting and relevant material, which are not present on the Internet.

How to do it? You can take the usual hackneyed theme, but to illuminate it with a new original angle. For this we need only «break» the head and come up with something really worthwhile that will interest people. It is advisable to pick up some interesting facts, study, but it is to express their views and attitudes towards this issue. Be sure to find like-minded people. That they will refer to this article.

strategy seo

Seo optimization strategy

Search engine optimization. Planning strategy.

Carry out search engine optimization is becoming increasingly difficult. Not because the methods have become more difficult than in the recent past (although in a sense they have really become more complicated — in fact previously used methods do not work anymore), but because in this field sharply escalated competition.

Presentation site for indexing

Site Indexing. Presentation site for indexing

So, dear webmaster, your page ready, but you have not solved the problems with their indexing. Your pages, roughly speaking, just not in the search engines! How to solve this problem?

In catalogs Yandex, Yahoo! and Open Directory Project can register directly. Process of submitting site to search engines Google, MSN / Bing, Ask.com, Yandex, Mail.ru not much more time-consuming and complex.

The best way to get ranked in search engines — get them to find pages on the links pointing to the site. In some cases, you can «ask» the search engines come to your site and take it to the index page, but there are two main problems.

How to use keywords

How to use keywords

Using a larger number of keywords.

Lack of text pages — the problem is serious. Some sites do not focus on the content; sometimes this approach is quite effective in terms of design and usability (usability). But search engines focus on content — ie the text that they can read. In general, the larger the text — to choose the right keywords — the better.

Removing the filter AGS

Removing the filter AGS Yandex

Well, that starred filter AGS from my site. Cool. As I wrote earlier in the article «Closing the external links from indexing», ACS has been found and the first steps to eliminate it were adopted on 20 March 2014. Today, May 24, 2014 year, after today’s update of Yandex, found that the filter removed.

That is, if we find the reasons for which the filter was applied, then a few steps, you can get rid of it.