What is a botnets?

What is a botnets?

Botnets — is infected computers with remote control. That is, they can be carried out email forwarding and fish for confidential information. As for her keys to the licensed programs that are available and distributed underground network. Viruses also have access to a cache of browser, which may contain information on the authorization. For fishing (fishing — a type of computer crimes) such information is of particular interest as it allows to extract the names of accounts of potential victims.

Botnet (derived from the word robot and network) — a computer network consisting of a number of hosts with advanced bots — standalone software. Most often as part of a botnet bot is a program that secretly installed on the victim’s device and allows attackers to perform certain actions using resources of an infected computer. Typically used for illegal activities or disapprove — spam, brute force on the remote system, Denial of Service. Wikipedia

Secret remote access is also required for developers of viruses or so-called farmers botnets. These are the people involved in the management and support of one or more of the botnet. Farmers profit by selling the system or CPU time to other people.

Since the functions of the remote control and information gathering implemented in viruses, do not focus on a specific phishing information, scammers do not usually resort to the developers of viruses. As a rule, they buy remote computers or CPU time farmers.

For example, they run a malicious program that initialization opens port 16661 on the receiver as a controller, and SOKS-proxy opens port 7080 and HTTP CONNECT 8008. The program also indicates the exact time, sets the ID for the system, looking for software related to financial calculations on the Internet and sends its version number.

If botnets will use serious organization intruders, they can be very dangerous. Phishing activity is based on propagation mechanisms. This may be a mass e-mail or registering passwords software. Mystery access to users’ computers and the ability to remote control can cause a computer to perform any task. And this is a real threat.

Malware carries a potential hazard. It consists in tracking periods of activity of infected systems. The virus can be configured in such a way that calculates the time periods when a particular computer is used, and thus determines which of the computers is ideal for current or send emails to support a phishing site.

If phishing group cooperates with the hackers, it can use the infected computer to log on to sites that have distributed hacking software. The purpose of Fisher — money. Another possibility to earn them — sell computers with remote control on the black market.

Botnets have the following functions:

1. Distribute type attacks denial-of-service (Distributed DoS or DDoS). With the help of the mass overload any site can be blocked in a few minutes;
2. Open SOKS-proxy on the infected computer allows you to send spam. When using a distributed network can be sent to a huge number of emails.
3. extract information, return that exceeds the profitability of spam emails in 1000 times.
4. Creation of phishing sites, which may be located on the users’ computers around the world. This allows fraudsters long time to stay afloat and successfully carry out illegal activities.
5. Theft of software. Connect hard drive users to the Internet — the promised land for computer pirates.

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