How to improve the behavioral factors

How to improve the behavioral factors

Why do people leave the site

Too many web resources are losing a good portion of the audience because of the seemingly not too serious flaws in its pages. In this case, the sharp departure from the site user (low behavioral factor) is dangerous for several reasons.

Firstly, too short residence time user on a particular resource does not allow him to get acquainted with ads placed on pages of this project, and hence profit site owner will not receive.

Secondly, search engines using a variety of methods monitor the behavior of users, and actions such as watching too few pages or very short stay in the resource are recognized as proof of the futility of this very site. As a result of adverse behavioral factors may cause relegation web project of the top of search results.

But what exactly defects cause users to leave the website? In fact, the factors that cause irritation of the visitors can be quite a lot, and the main one has to know every webmaster.

  • Problems with the interaction of mobile devices. Now a lot of Internet users surf the Internet via mobile devices. And the number of such users will only grow. That’s why every owner of the web resource should make sure that his website correctly interact with mobile browsers. Ignore User gadgets silly, because this way you can lose a significant part of the traffic.
  • Unoptimized registration form. In general, the need to register on the website discourages good portion of its visitors. But if the registration is still needed, its shape must be optimized. Simply put, there are a few rules to make the process less painful for registration spoiled user.
    Firstly, do not require the user to fill in too many fields. Second, the error committed by the visitor during the filling of various forms need to tell simple layman understandable ways. In other words, the language set in the user, and the most simple formulation.
  • Low-quality content. If the webmaster is trying to save on buying content for your project, it should be ready for the fact that the quality of these materials will scare visitors. Illiterate, plohochitaemye texts, with a curved formatting annoy most users, forcing them to seek more competent sources of information.
  • Low-quality web design. Too dull or, conversely, lurid web design is easy to scare away a considerable number of visitors. Firstly, the aesthetic component is not the last value. And secondly, poor quality design complicates the process of perception, causing eye strain, headaches, etc.

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